Ignite Your Dreams

Community, Health & Coaching

"Ignite Your Dreams" was created to assist and inspire people in choosing to love and support themselves in a more abundant, prosperous and authentically confident way of life by providing initiatives and means of support to literally create and achieve their unique goals and beyond their wildest dreams and beyond any preconceived self-limitations in this lifetime.

Through music, health, wellbeing, coaching and teachings in energetic control and awareness, we offer a huge range of courses, workshops, events, and knowledge from a myriad of very qualified teachers, healers, volunteers, and very successful business entrepreneurs from all over the world.

We offer services to the community in health and education, including music/creative arts programs, transformational knowledge sharing initiatives, natural and nutritious health opportunities and modalities assisting people in being healthier in their physical bodies, assisting them to be more confident and authentic in choosing a more complete and consistently stable happy lifestyle.

We create projects and programs for children and adults who suffer from ADHD, autism, other learning difficulties as well as assisting in the prevention of youth and adult suicide. Our therapies a therapeutic for better brain functionality in children with learning difficulties, aiming to support them in creating a better life whilst gently assisting in building a more confident and consistent reality to live their dreams and realise their ambitions and creating funding initiatives to support our community.

We are a community service provider operates to further its primary purpose and objectives and provide benevolent services to the community and to fund, facilitate, implement, and operate sustainable projects with contributions from investments or funds gifted to meet the purpose of the Foundation.

We operate privately as an unincorporated, non government organisation and our mission includes such purposes as giving, receiving and sharing to assist in upleveling, providing more abundance, and ease of dream creating to assist people on there mission in this life time.